Founder & C.E.O. Gerald B. Colson

Gerald B. Colson first and foremost a Christian who is proud to be a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. Gerald Bernard Colson was born on September 21, 1972 in Warner Robins, GA to Mr. and Mrs. Ezzard Charles Colson. He has two siblings an older brother Gregory and a younger sister Tammie. He is married to the beautiful and lovely Valerie Colson. They are the proud parents of two wonderfully growing boys Rodriquez and KaDarious. They currently reside in the suburbs of Metro Atlanta, GA.

Gerald received both his Bachelors in Computer Information Systems (C.I.S.) and his Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A) Degrees from Devry University in Atlanta, GA. He has worked in the IT field since receiving his Bachelor Degree. He has been an Instructor inside the classroom as well as outside it. He has over 20 years experience in client satisfaction. That is what He believes really separatea Vividly Vivid Technology from other computer repair, computer training or website companies. It is this focus on client satisfaction that is vitually important. 

In the fall of 2005 while seeking the Lord for guidance with his career. Gerald thought he was asking the Lord for a new job but the answer the Lord gave him was a business. The Lord asked him what does he do everyday and he replied I teach computer classes, repair computers and work on websites and the Lord told him there you go. Since knowledge is transferable he understood that he could apply those same skills and abilities he used in the educational system of the marketplace to his advantage. Vividly Vivid Technology was created as a result of a vision from God and that is why the company solgan said “God gave me a vision to make your dreams Vividly Vivid”. 

Gerald has continued to pursue after the things of God. He has come to realize that there is a call on his life to teach God’s word and share it with others that he comes in contact with daily. He is an Ordained Deacon in his local church The Body of Christ Church International, U.S.A under the pastorship of Dr. Joseph M. Ripley, Sr. There he also serves in the Ministry of Helps and as Department Head for the ministry’s Television Department. It was through his service in the ministry that Gerald recognized God was calling for him to do more than even he knew or expected.

In June of 2010 Gerald launched hs blog called On The Road To Success. On The Road To Success is Gerald’s journey to success. The blog chronicles his journey to make his company a success as well as make him a successful business owner. He hope to inspire some, uplift and encourage others, teach some, and be taught something on his journey. Gerald shares his successes and his failures. Since failure is an event and not a person he knows sometimes you will learn more in a defeat than a victory. Success is not a destination but a journey and this is why he closes every blog entry with Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed I’ll See You On The Road To Success.

While sitting under the teaching of Dr. Joseph M. Ripley, Sr, God continued talking to him during services. He would prompt him with ideas based on what was being taught that day. The ideas began to come rapidly so Gerald would write them down and date them in his notebooks. The dating of the ideas allowed him to later go back and see when that idea was first given to him. Those ideas became known as the W.O.W. Nuggets (Words Of Wisdom). The majority of them were God Given Ideas and others were things spoken by his pastor or others that God brought into his life.

Along with the W.O.W Nuggets God gave Gerald the foundation for FLEX’N YOUR FAITH. Initially FLEX’N YOUR FAITH was just intended to be a clothing line of T-Shirts with the various W.O.W. Nuggets printed on them. God being the God of Abundance continued to grow the seed of FLEX’N YOUR FAITH that had been planted. After several years of writing down his W.O.W. Nuggets and FLEX’N YOUR FAITH ideas Gerald began to share them with people being careful not to reveal the name that was given to him for them. Eventually the seed had grown into a God Given Dream that could no longer be held back. It began to consume more and more of his waken thoughts so finally in the November of 2012 Gerald began working on the FLEX’N YOUR FAITH Website. 

Through FLEX’N YOUR FAITH Gerald intends to help change lives through the building up of your Faith. Gerald realized that Faith is like a muscle and like any muscle it must be exercised in order to grow. The bases of this belief is grounded in the bible. Jesus said to his chosen disciples you of little Faith. Because of their little faith or better lack of Faith they were unable to do somethings for themselves and so they had to call upon Jesus. Jesus said with Faith the size of a mustard seed you could move a mountain. Your Faith Muscle is like your physical muscle it is determined by how developed it is. You can never do the impossible if you don’t first believe you can do the possible. This is why God gave Gerald the slogan for FLEX’N YOUR FAITH “If Faith The Size of a Mustard Seed Could Move a Mountain… What Can Yours Do?”